MBBS in Russia 2023

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MBBS in Russia 2023

Medical Education in Russia

Nowadays, Russian Medical and Pharmacological Schools are acknowledged as among the best in the world. It was Russian scientists who stood at the origins of transplantology, in the XXth century it was Russian doctors who helped humanity to get over smallpox, and it was in Russia that the vaccine against Ebola virus was developed and several COVID-19 vaccines were created.
Currently there are about 70 Medical Schools in Russia and about 300 universities have programs in medicine, healthcare and veterinary science.

MBBS in Russia 2023: Course Highlight

Russian Medical Universities are again on the cheaper side with no compromise in the quality of the education. Russia proves to be a great option to study MBBS abroad. The courses are offered in Russian and English, but for clinical purposes, you are advised to have a basic knowledge of Russian.

Duration of Course5 Years + 1 Year Internship in Russia
Medium of InstructionEnglish
Entry RequirementsNEET Qualification
Entrance TestRequired
IntakesSeptember/ February

Advantages for Indian Students for studying MBBS in Russia

  • Being approved by the National Medical Commission of India, students who pursue medicine from Russia get a degree that is valuable and valid in India.
  • The medical education in Russia is based on the profound research and development foundation and the network of operating clinics, where all students get a mandatory training and the experience required for their medical specialization.
  • The Russian medical degree confirms not only attendance of the lectures, but also practical experience obtained by the student in medical facilities.
  • Students don’t need to appear for any entrance examination or pay any donation at the time of admission.
  • Admission procedure is simple and fast.
  • Scholarships is provided to students who fit the category of merit.
  • Cost of living is considerably low and ranges between only 80 USD and 100 USD per month.
  • Affordable Cost of Education.
  • Russian medical universities provide student with medical insurance and this covers all costs of medical treatments during their stay in the country.

Living Conditions for MBBS Student in Russia

Of course, as certain things can only be acquired via experience, it is challenging to anticipate all you will need in Russia throughout your studies. Nonetheless, some information can be discovered beforehand. We have a collection of helpful articles ready. After reading them, you will learn about the approximate amount of money you will need to live in Russia, the typical costs of housing, food, public transportation, and medical insurance, as well as the perks that students are entitled to. Also, you will discover how to spend your free time, what Russians enjoy eating, and particular about the temperature in various regions of this big nation.

5 Steps to Applying to a Russian Medical Universities

At Russian universities, you can study to join almost any profession currently in demand on the global market. Applicants only need to select the programme that is best for them. Decide on your criteria (subject, town, form of study, and instruction language) and start your search.

Choose University
Learn About Financing & Scholarship
Prepare Your Document Package
Undergo Entrance Test
Get Invitation & Apply for Student Visa

Key Takeaways

For MBBS programmes, Russia has consistently ranked highly in student preferences. For students from India, qualifying is not that difficult. You’ll need the following:

  • Age: During the admissions year, you must be at least 17 years old on December 31.
  • Marks: Students must have received atleast 50% marks in physics, biology, and chemistry in their 12th grade to be admitted to the programme. To pursue the course, you must have passed the ISC/CBSE or another equivalent board.
  • Exam: NEET exam was made compulsory for admission in MBBS abroad after May 2018. Students wanting to study MBBS abroad must qualify for NEET, and the result remains valid for three years from the date of announcement of the result.
  • IELTS and TOEFL are not necessary in Russia, unlike other international nations, to pursue a degree.

You will be needing the following documents to pursue MBBS in Russia:

  • Passport with a validity of at least 18 months
  • 10th Certificate and 12th Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Four passport size photographs
  • Invitation from the Medical University of Russia
  • Documents of your HIV test
  • Authorizations of all documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  • Proof of legalization of all of your documents from any Russian Embassy
  • Receipt of payment of the fees of visa
  • Receipt of university + 1st-year tuition fees

In a Russian institution, applying for admission to the MBBS programme is completely simple. Here is a step-by-step guide for Indian students seeking admission to MBBS programmes in Russia:

  1. First, thoroughly complete the application.
  2. You’ll get a letter of offer.
  3. Deposit the enrollment fee.
  4. After paying your MBBS tuitionfee in Russia, proceed to apply for the visa.
  5. Get a student visa, then depart for Russia.

In Russia, the MBBS programme lasts six years and consists of two portions. For three years, students in the first section study basic sciences, and for another three years, they study clinical sciences. The curriculum of basic science comprises anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and microbiology whereas that of clinical science encompasses surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology, paediatrics and psychiatry.

The MBBS course’s curriculum is divided into two semesters. You are required to attend at least 14 academic hours each week for a total of around 280 hours during each semester’s 20-week length.

A few of the subjects included in the first year’s curriculum are pharmacology, pathology, anatomy, and physiology. Psychology and social welfare are also covered during this time because these are required subjects in Russia.

You will study a variety of topics related to medicine in your second year, including surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics, and gynaecology.

MBBS in Russia is one of the most affordable options for students considering MBBS abroad. Depending upon which university you have chosen, MBBS fees in Russia can vary anywhere between INR 15 Lakhs to INR 50 Lakhs for the entire MBBS course duration.

Due to the semester structure used by Russian universities, applications for Indian students seeking to study medicine in Russia are accepted twice a year, in February and September. The best medical universities in Russia enrol thousands of students each year from all over the world to pursue medical degrees.

By giving students the possibility to enrol twice a year, the biannual enrollment method prevents them from losing out on the opportunity and falling behind their classmates while studying MBBS overseas. We at University Fly actively support you through every step of the admissions process and offer advice whenever necessary so that you may completely develop and use your skills.